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TurnKey to Riches Done For You



$2500 (1 property) $6K (4 Properties) $10K (Unlimited Properties) In this program you will receive the following:


  1. Turnkey to Success Orientation


  1. Credit Profile Set up & Improvement Assistance

    • Loan Application Assistance

    • Business Credit Application Assistance

  2. Availability of a finished Turnkey Product complete with fully vetted and qualified Tenant.

(Once you have been approved for all necessary financing to support purchase)


  1. Recommendation and Assistance with Property Management.


  • We provide finished Turnkey product options in highly rentable area

  • Vet and Provide qualified Renter from one of our 14 rental placement programs

  • Property Management

(Higher priced programs include ongoing membership for continuous consultations and support for crowdfunding and equity monitoring for subsequent purchases)


Our goal is to work on getting you purchase ready and secured as the owner of an income producing turnkey property in 6-9 months.


This will require effort on the part of both you and our team to make this happen. In a separate document we will forward a list of "Things to Do" and processes to get you started and on your way to Turnkey ownership.


Baltimore Real Estate Investing Consultancy and Coaching

(3, 6, 9, 12 month Programs available)

Under this program we will guide you through the sometimes complicated Baltimore Real Estate Investing Landscape.

You will receive advice and coaching topics to include:

  • Locating and selecting viable real estate properties and areas

  • Connecting with community organizations

  • Local contractors

  • Obtaining Financing

  • Baltimore focused Investment groups

  • Conscious investing in blighted communities

  • Introductions to networks and existing Baltimore projects and players

  • Property management

  • Upcoming development and timelines

The pricing of this program on 3,6,9 and 12 month consulting blocks:

3 months:                    $999.99          

6 months:                    $1499.99

9 months:                    $2149.99

12 months:                  $2999.99

Rehab to Riches Immersion Program 9 Month Program                                                                 


In this Program we will provide:

  • Rehab to Riches Orientation o

  • Get started overview

    • Begin Basic real Estate Investment Training

      • Skiptracing Training (locating absentee owners, motivated Sellers, and distressed properties)

      • REI Forms and Contracts

      • Contract Writing Assistance and Training

      • Networking for Real Estate Investing Success Training

      • Unlimited Trilateral Calls (Mentor assisted calls with prospective sellers and/or buyers)

  • Guided Business Set Up

  • Tools & Resources for Success

  • Wholesaling Work Flow for Success Chart and training

    • Building a Boss Cash Buyers List

    • Private Facebook Group and Forum (Access to impromptu daily tips and info)

    • The Rehab Process – A-Z Overview


  • Credit Profile initiation and Set up

  • Loan product evaluation

  • Loan application assistance

Business Credit vendor, review, selection and initiation

  • Training and assistance on locating, securing and acquiring viable properties for rehab.

  • Access to our established and reliable REI resources and preferred vendor list

  • Contractors

  • Title companies

  • Agents 

  • Coaching on properly working with: 

    • Contractors

    • Hard money lenders

    • Agents 


  • On Site Project Visits (once property is selected and construction begins) •           Consulting on:

    • Permitting, scheduled and unscheduled inspections

    • Learning the day to day of Rehabbing

    • Learning rehab project phases

    • Selecting Supplies 

    • Renovating in a cost effective yet effective manor o How to run a crew – finding qualified and reliable craftsmen

  • Assistance in Marketing and selling finished rehab project upon completion

  • Weekly One on One Private Coaching Sessions (live, phone, or video conference)

  • All sessions recorded for convenience and future reference.




This will require effort on the part of both you and our team to make this happen. In a separate document we will forward a list of "Things to Do" and processes to get you started and on your way to Successful Rehabbing.




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