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My LOVE Letter to Millennials...

My LOVE LETTER to millennials!!

We bathed you in Baduisms and IndiaArieisms. We JScottified you hearts, We Wu-Tanged spirits and turned you into rebels and Diddyatized your ambitions, Jay and Beymerized your ideas of what life could be like if you would only have the balls to go hard. We say that you are behaving in an over entitled manner, but we taught you to be that way. We fed you Our dreams and desires. Sometimes through osmosis. But because we all had such great hopes for who we could become because we were exposed to so much more than our parents were, we exposed you to a million Times more exponentially and made you Believe you could fly, without wings if you just believed. And though you may not realize it sometimes... you need us right by your side. Calmly but supportively whispering our wisdom into you ears and sending them strength by looking approvingly into your eyes. We still need to protect you. Not be mad or judgemental about who we conceived, nurtured and born you To be. And we need you too. To remind us of what is possible when we aren’t afraid and have the energy to be what our minds & hearts tell us we can be and the world says we can’t be. I love the way millennials love each other. Boldly and wildly but dedicatedly. They love each other without judgement and stay commited to who they believe each other to be. You elevate and celebrate each other’s weird. You turn it into flavor, style and innovation. And though it may look out of control to us... again, it’s who we taught you to be with our fractured relationships and ill matched affairs splattered with distrust, thinly veiled sexuality and bad endings. So... this is my love letter to YOU millennials, to say, I LOVE YOU, I’M PROUD OF YOU and really... I AM YOU in my mind, in my HEART! 😍😍😘😘😘 #flyandsoar #imwithyou #mylovelettertomillennials

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